Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Top Gun: Maverick Movie Poster

Cinema at its finest.

This movie is why people will continue to watch in cinemas over streaming subscriptions at home. This is my first Tom Cruise movie in a theatre and the only one I’ve watched from start to end in one sitting. Now it’s not because I don’t like the Scientologist, but because Action isn’t my genre as much. I’ll be honest, I had a long day and was pretty tired by when the movie started, things were slow, I hadn’t watched or heard of the original Top Gun, hence had zero context, and 15 mins into the movie thought this was going to be a 2-hour long snooze fest. Boy was I wrong. Once the plot was laid and homage was paid to the original, the movie just kept climbing up the roller coaster, hitting a new peak every time. I now have a burning desire to be in a fighter jet or frankly any kind of combat aircraft. (May the Lord grant me this wish.)

Every time a jet came on the screen, the director had me on the edge of my seat. It felt real, I felt entirely invested in the movie and time just flew by. It felt so real that I can’t even say what was CGI and what wasn’t, to me, who knows zero facts about this movie, I’m going to believe Tom Cruise and the rest are trained pilots. The supporting cast did a fantastic job too. The movie made me feel patriotic and proud and oh, it made me swoon over Tom Cruise. The old man hasn’t lost his charm since Jerry Maguire. It was also exciting to see new kinds of action scenes over the car chases, fight scenes, and random missile combat scenes most movies serve.

I’m glad I watched this and someday when I have a big enough screen and a great sound system, I’m going to watch this Masterpiece all over again.

Watch the trailer here:

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