• Mr & Mrs Smith (2005)

    Jane and John were a Doe-ze fest! I’ve had this movie on my Netflix list for a very long time and always ended up skipping it. Now that I’ve watched it, boy do I want my time back. With so much happening in the movie, I still wanted to sleep! It just wasn’t captivating. And …

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  • Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

    Is it a good heist movie? Yes. Is it the best heist movie? Eh, no. Is it the best heist movie for the 2000s? Maybe. The issue is, I am watching this in 2022, and now there’s been a lot of great heist movies and shows and hence have a lot to compare to. I …

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  • Venom (2018)

    Finally watched it, almost 4 years after release. Glad I didn’t go to the cinema though. Let’s clarify, I liked the movie and genuinely enjoyed it. So much, that I didn’t realize nearly 2 hours had passed by and the movie was nearing its end. But it could have been so much better with an …

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  • Focus (2015)

    So much potential, so little focus I hadn’t heard about this movie before nor seen the trailer but I came across it on Instagram! A scene from the movie (stealth day-light robbery) was being posted on many handles and I thought the scene was cool too. Now I like both these actors so figured I’ll …

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The Intro

Hi! I’ve been listing ‘watching movies’ as my hobby since a longgg while and finally decided, let’s take this one step ahead? I’m not really a movie critic, I watch movies because it lets me escape for a few hours and well, requires minimal effort from my end. I just need a device, a silent dim lit room, a good sound system and maybe occasionally some snacks (sometimes, the crunch makes it difficult to hear the dialogues, hence – depends on the hunger state). Continue reading here.

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